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“Is thoroughly enjoying the mixed bag of information, activities and field trips. I am very happy that she is getting introduced to diverse issues in a structured manner.”

“There is an improvement in language and confidence level”

“She loves to read and makes me read her story everyday. She is now mixing with other children.”

“She started behaving maturely. For each topic she wants to get deep knowledge about that.”

Nature School

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The Reading Pandits

Enlit Academy ( By Enlit Kids)
Brings to you The Reading Pandits
A weekly program for 3 to 13 Year olds.

✓ Online interaction once a week
Every Saturday 10 to 11 am
✓Set of 12 books will home delivered.
( 9 story books plus 3 theme based books)
✓Offline activities and tasks
✓Focus on reading, expression and
✓Small groups, Individual attention.

The program has been proven beneficial for children with and without learning difficulty, gifted , expressive or children challenged with emotional and social difficulty.
Fees Rs. 4500.( including books)
Enrol now.

Customised according to target group.

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It's OK To Be Me

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Online Storytelling 1.0

Online Storytelling 1.0 is a certification course by
Storytelling Education and Arts India Council in association with Enlit Kids
This one-of its-kind, 15 hours Certification course in Storytelling for Adults, shall cover the following elements:
1. Origins of Storytelling:
• A broad Historical Perspective
• Why stories are not just myths?
• What makes Storytelling Timeless?
2. Science of Storytelling:
• Storytelling & Brain Science
• Unravel the Science behind the Magic of Storytelling
3. The Story Structure
• Key Elements of a Well Constructed Story
• The Narrative Arc
4. How of Storytelling: Voice Modulation & Body Expressions
• Make your telling Effective with Learning key techniques to enhance your voice and body language
5. Application of Storytelling & Different Techniques of Storytelling for Audience Engagement:
• How to Make a Story Tell-able
• Embellishing Stories & Building Audience Engagement
• Interactive & Participative Storytelling
6. Individual Presentations:
• Story Chats & Storytelling Practice
• Presentations, Feedback & Improvisations
• Final Individual Storytelling Presentations
7. Workshop Closure & Certification:
SEAIC is a registered legal not-for-profit organisation. The Online Storytelling 1.0 is a Certification course which costs 11,000/- including certification.
We give opportunities to our alumni on public platforms and in our initiatives to encourage them.
Kathashtakam - a wonderful amalgamation of 8 stories, by 8 amazing storytellers for 8 days.
Thi unique initiative by Enlit Kids, brings to you one of a kind experience where our accomplished storytellers will enthrall your children throughout the year.

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Kathashtakam :

A wonderful amalgamation of 8 stories, by 8 amazing storytellers for 8 days. Thi unique initiative by Enlit Kids, brings to you one of a kind experience where our accomplished storytellers will enthrall your children throughout the year.

Jyoti Matange-

A science graduate from Calcutta University and also a graduate in music ‘sangeet prabhakar’ in music(vocal).Now training students in classical music.
Have taught music in various schools for more than 30 yrs... done voice overs dubbed documentaries....acted in radio plays.

Ms. Amrit Nagpal:

A passionate storyteller, Amrit believes that no matter what you do; always work hard and give your best and learning never ends. Graduate in Home Science in Human Development majoring in Developmental Counselling from S.N.D.T. University, Amrit completed Diploma in E.C.C.Ed from Mumbai.
She then went on to complete Masters in Education (M.Ed) from James Cook University and Diploma of Enrichment studies from Teachers College of London.
A certified storyteller course from SEAIC (Story Telling Education Arts
Council), India., Amrit is now Head of the Department of Preschool and ECCEd at Birla Open Minds, Mumbai.

Mrs. Gowri Bhargav

Gowri Bhargav is a certified storyteller from Kathalaya academy. An Engineering graduate who is highly interested in arts, she has always had a passion to tell stories. Several storytelling workshops are being regularly conducted by her for the benefit of school children.
She has also been rendering her stories online through several platforms. “Gowri Storyteller” is her youtube channel dedicated to storytelling for various age groups.
She has been an active contributor for “Talking Stories Radio” - a programme dedicated to the art of storytelling by East London radio. “BTB storyteller of the year 2020” was awarded to her by the jury panel of “Beyond the Box” - a Facebook group.
Gowri is a voracious reader and also loves to weave words into poems, short stories and microtales. She has won several online contests conducted by prestigious literary groups. Her works have been published in various online portals, literary magazines, journals and anthologies.

Shraddha Nigavekar

Shraddha is a lifelong learner with a passion for experimentation. She is acertified storyteller (from Storyweavers, Singapore) and a lockdown-inspired YouTuber,who hopes to bring joy of multilingual stories to children across the globe via her channel,Kathaa by Shraddh. Shraddha strongly believes that storytelling is a powerful tool to help
children explore language and build confidence.Shraddha has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Missouri- Columbia. Shehas lived and worked both in India and abroad, and brings her multitude of life experiencesto the art of storytelling. She believes it's never too late to try something new and has
reinvented herself multiple times. She has had a myriad of work experiences over the past20 years - as a scientist, an educator, a stage and short film actor, a voice-over artist, aradio announcer and animal-assisted therapy dog handler. Her haiku poems have recentlybeen accepted for publication in a curated anthology. Always ready to listen to, narrate andcreate a new story, she is quick to connect with and engage her audience, especially
children.Shraddha is very excited to be part of Kathashtakam! Do follow Shraddha on her YouTube
channel and FB page ‘Kathaa by Shraddha’ and her insta handle : instashraddha18.

Vidya Nesarikar

VIdya is a children's writer and a certified storyteller from Kathalaya.   Her original stories and writings have been published in The Hindu, Champak Magazine and ParentCircle.  She was formerly working in the PR and corporate communication industry.  She realised the power of stories when she won the Silver Award at  the India Film Project Season 9 storytelling challenge. Since then she has been invited to perform at many prestigious events such as Levi's Lounge 'Best of Kommune' and SpokenFest Mumbai.  Though she is a storyteller for both adults and children, she loves spinning tales for little kids, because they always let her know if she was boring! Learn more about Vidya’s work at: Instagram:  www.instagram.com/sodapop_stories

Sony Lamba Dwivedi has completed her Master's in Library and Information Science. A Librarian by Profession and  a certified Storyteller has  launched her Youtube channel 'The Story Katta' - through this channel she wishes to bring a genre of exciting stories full of fun, happiness and joy. She believes  storytelling is  an ancient art form and through this art  we enter a different world. She likes to explore the various skills used in storytelling as this fosters the imagination of the tiny tots!

Yogini Uttarwar

Yogini Uttarwar, an amateur storytellers, loves telling stories .A soft hearted animal lover,  a Yoga Teacher and a Pranic Healer herself, Yogini is a wonderful singer and  Dialysis technician,too. Yogini loves to explore new avenues of learning and giving back to the society.

Jyotsna Bahirat

Jyotsna Bahirat has been working with children since 12 years and has completed Masters in Socila Work from University of Pune.  She is a certified educator and storyteller by Storycircle by Edusarathi.

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